this was definitely one of my favorite grad shoots to date!! hey may grads, i'm still booking some shoots! you still have time to send out announcements and invitations! 


acacia + adriano

there's just something about soft light, trees, and art... my cousin acacia was in brazil before the wedding so we actually took their engagement photos a few days before the actual ceremony in dallas! she got married on saturday and moved to brazil today... i'm sad she's gone, but excited for her to start her new life with adriano. can't wait to visit brazil and eat ALL the korean food!! 

josh + ela

my cousin's engaged! welcome to the family ela~ i took their portraits on christmas and luckily downtown plano was completely dead. not a single car or person in sight. every photographer's dream ♡

terry + kaili maternity

i had the pleasure of shooting terry and kaili's engagement photos two years ago, and now i'm taking their maternity pictures!! this gorgeous light and comfortability between them made my job so easy. i know it's cliché to say, "time flies", but it really does. and exactly one day after kaili posted these, she had the baby early. so i'm pretty much magical.


the gutgsells

when the gutsgells showed up for their shoot, we were all matching! destiny. meredithe and joel are both kids with clefts like me! it was really great talking and bonding with them, because when i was a kid i didn't really meet anyone  my age that had the same condition. it was nice being able to talk to their parents about the same experiences we've had. by the end of the shoot they decided to adopt me into their family so feel free to call me sarah gutsgell. i've got nothing but love for this bunch. 



took some pretty awesome portraits for juliann's new website! she plays pro volleyball and sings – two things i can't do which is pretty freaking cool. the lighting was obviously a dream, and i had to edit out every. single. raindrop on her shirt. but it was sooo worth it! note to self and to future customers: if we do a rainy day shoot (which is likely), don't wear microfiber fabrics :)



bethany is a talented actress, singer, and dancer. she just graduated from UNT which means she's a real life adult now...weird. this girl that i'm so lucky to be able to call one of my dearest friends, is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. forever grateful to have her in my life. 

land of enchantment

this is the most exciting shoot i've been waiting to share with y'all. i was in new mexico the entire month of june for school. it didn't really feel like school though, it was more like summer camp. i lived in a national forest where we had bonfires every other night...didn't think i could ever see myself as the outdoorsy type. i had the privilege of capturing one of the professor's families. i think these photos speak for themselves when i say that these two divas are perfect. their opera performances and pro cartwheeling skills really did it for me. i finally understand why people relocate here. i thought the sky was big in texas, but there's no comparison to the cinematic sky here. now i'm back in the 100º+ heat and hating every minute of it.


one time someone asked me, "why do you always wear flowy things?" and my best friend replied with, "because she's dramatic ok" – she's right.


i decided to suffer through the heat with my blogger buddy kris and highkey regretted the first five minutes of this. this summer has been exceptionally...gross. i wear flowy things so i can drift past people in the hopes that they'll think i'm cool – literally and figuratively.

i've still managed to wear black on black in this heat, but it's really so you can't see me glistening. i did see a girl wearing uggs and shorts though...yes, it was as bad as you could've imagined. later y'all i'll be sacrificing my life for the aesthetic waiting for fall to get here. 

kimono - free people // top - idk // pants - free people // boots - vagabond x uo // choker - brandy melville

photos by my beautiful friend kris! make sure to check out her blog and instagram!


i missed my flight. for the first time in my life. the people at the security checkpoint even remembered me when i went through a second awkward. i didn't even notice that i haven't blogged since january. but i have been working since then i swear. just look here see?!

kids are so fun to shoot. they have this crazy energy and blunt personality that embarrasses their parents but makes me die. usually i prefer the wilder kids. luckily brendan wasn't camera shy at all! he kinda does his own thing just like calvin from my all-time favourite comic calvin & hobbes. he even had a hobbes stuffed animal!! i was this close to stealing him. this close. the arboretum was hot af but i loved every minute of it!!! here are some of my favourite photos of brendan and his mom marsha. enjoy :) 

sandi + thom

the combination of light, rain, and that coffee shop smell (my favorite) made this shoot feel like scenes from an indie film. and the entire time he kept posting pics of her on snapchat with comments about how cute she is... are these two perfect or what? it doesn't help that they're ridiculously photogenic too.