max + christie

"wear sneakers." is what max told christie before our sneaky adventure this weekend. sneakers are just one of the many examples that they're always ready for an adventure. so i've known christie for a long time. from babysitting me, to now going on photoshoots together. she's also one of the few people who knows my good angles. max is pretty much part of the family already. our house was the first place christie brought him so we could "approve". my mum considers him as her "favorite child".... lame. 

long story somewhat short, they went to elementary school, junior high, and high school together. they even lived in the same neighborhood! boy liked girl. boy im'd girl. girl was oblivious. boy fulfilled her lifelong dream of walking a dog. boy leaves for the navy and they become penpals. girl was still oblivious...(i know, right?). boy sends her gifts – even flowers in college!! girl hated boy and cuts off all communication. boy tries to win over girl. girl tells boy his car is ugly and then tries to convince him that she doesn't shower or use napkins when she eats. but throughout everything, he still didn't care. :) he began meeting with our church and after much deliberation, she decided to meet up with him and reject him in person (i mean, that's the least she could do!). of course, they meet up and she's in love. the rest comes after the end credits. 

a relationship spanning over ten years, they are a testament to real love. a dawson's creek-style love filled with whales, sunsets, and a lovely car with seat warmers. this couple right here is the real deal. their love proves that the lord works in funny ways sometimes. and that sometimes what you're looking for is right there in front of you. literally. his patio looked out to her front door.