lisa + ross

these two were such a joy to photograph. i could feel their love and happiness radiating with every frame. it was so much fun coming back to an old location with a fresh look and creating something new.

thanksgiving twenty eighteen

eff colonialism and the foundation that this holiday is built on. hopefully we can change that and address the negative history while bringing awareness and change to the present. however, i hope everyone had a good holiday filled with good food and family (given or chosen). this year has been filled with ups and downs but i’m thankful for all the people in my life that have made it infinitely worth it.


this was definitely one of my favorite grad shoots to date!! hey may grads, i'm still booking some shoots! you still have time to send out announcements and invitations! 


acacia + adriano

there's just something about soft light, trees, and art... my cousin acacia was in brazil before the wedding so we actually took their engagement photos a few days before the actual ceremony in dallas! she got married on saturday and moved to brazil today... i'm sad she's gone, but excited for her to start her new life with adriano. can't wait to visit brazil and eat ALL the korean food!! 

josh + ela

my cousin's engaged! welcome to the family ela~ i took their portraits on christmas and luckily downtown plano was completely dead. not a single car or person in sight. every photographer's dream ♡

terry + kaili maternity

i had the pleasure of shooting terry and kaili's engagement photos two years ago, and now i'm taking their maternity pictures!! this gorgeous light and comfortability between them made my job so easy. i know it's cliché to say, "time flies", but it really does. and exactly one day after kaili posted these, she had the baby early. so i'm pretty much magical.